Zoda's Revenge Star Tropics 2 NES Review - Star Tropics II

by Shut Up on Thursday, June 27, 2002
Before I begin, Slayer, you spell like a first grader (way to go, idiot!).
I have been hogging my NES since I was two years old, now, I am fourteen, and I still take dominance over my NES. Although, I had to get it repaired once, it seems brand new. I don't let anyone, not even myself, touch it without some type of cloth or glove. Anyway, I bought Zoda's Revenge: Star Tropics II the day of it's debut. I sat on my bean bag in front of my television, dropped the game in, and when the title screen lit up on the screen, I felt so excited to have it on the first day. I also, read the Nintendo Power containing the article about Star Tropics II being the last of the NES cartridges. I played non-stop, for about eleven hours. I became part of the game that day.

Story-5 Well, duh! Star Tropics's story continues on into even better plot.

Graphics-4.5 Totally improved graphics, less cheesy colors, and a very big smile on my face.

Sound-4 Still the NES beeps and bops, but I see some improvement, baby!

Control-5!!!! Wowza! Diaganol movement!? This is great stuff, keep it up!

Overall Points-18.5 out of 20

-Shut Up
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