Town and Country Surf Designs NES Review - Dear Lord, please help

by Ebo on Wednesday, October 2, 2002
Since there are no reviews yet for this game, let me be the first to tell you all how much it sucks.
Usually I talk a lot about a game, giving a lot of attention to the story, challenge, play control, fun, and more. This game doesn't deserve that, though, so what you all get is an itemized list of why I think this game is so bad.

1) It's not fun. The surfing isn't fun, the skating isn't fun. If you want to surf or especially, skate, just about every game with surfing or skating is better than this.

2) It's so unmemorable. I don't have this game anymore and that's a relief. I remember a dumb ape riding a skateboard and that's about it. The graphics didn't wow me, and I, once again, can't remember the music. All I can remember is how happy I was to trade this in for store credit.

I realize that list only had two items, but that should say enough about this game.
The bottom line is that it's dumb and no fun to play. Who wants that? ~E.

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