Tecmo Superbowl NES Review - Tecmo's Best Creation By Far (and the best damn football game ever! Madden sucks compared to this!)

by Tiz89 on Tuesday, June 8, 2004
I saw this game on the list and I was like "I had to review this!" TSB is the "what-a-hell-of-a-sequel" sequel to the well known Tecmo Bowl. The gameplay is like that of its predecessor, but with larger and customizable playbooks, fumbles, tougher defense, incomplete passes, injuries (Season Play only) and an actual season with the actual teams and players of the 1991 season (or 1992, can't remember). They even have home and visitor jersies! Tecmo outdid itself in this game and should come out with a PS2/GCN/XBOX series! Madden will become a "what-the-heck-is-that?" kind of game. Download the 2003 Tecmo Super Bowl rom on Tecmo Super Bowl Haven (or Heaven, forgot) now, or just get the NES (or Genesis) version and enjoy the true starter of the football series (the true starter is my opinion).

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