Life Force NES Review - I Played Life Force Before

by Po Y. (yao) Wang on Friday, June 18, 2004
The first game was sequels to the original Gradius, but similar to it. The game I've play since I was in Singapore on just joystick without console machine of the special and beyond unseen console system and put cartridge upside down and connect the second/2nd player or light gun from first/1st player joysticks. The game I've played with my older brother. It was so difficult, enjoyably entertaining/fun. The gameplay usage of some elements are simiar to other Gradius series, the reasons are reused and seen anything resemble, but usually stuck on some level without finish the game entirely. The two levels are remove/cut/cancel entirely. Some of the bosses are added after the arcade version, I seek and know from Classing at Gradius Base include lots of useful and detail reviews whatever the reviewer can explain. I've play just one Life Force series before of the Graduis sequels.

-Po Y. (yao) Wang
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