Life Force NES Review - funny story

by Mr. Nes of the West on Wednesday, July 16, 2003
i have a funny story 2 tell u. one day me and my brother were tryin 2 beat sum of the games that we didnt beat yet. so we started with life force. after i lost my brother kept getting infinite lives. now me and my brother dont use cheat codes because we're not cheaters so i was like what is this. i took sum of his lives and he still had more cumin and i was still like what is this. i kept doin this until we finally beat it. he must have accidentally pushed ininfinite lives code lol and he didnt even no what it is. anyway i consider that a beaten game even though we used a cheat code cause we didnt do it on purpose lol. anyway the game is ok. peace out.

-Mr. Nes of the West
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