Life Force NES Review - My first NES game!

by Scratchenator on Wednesday, January 15, 2003
The day my mother bought me and my little brother a Nintendo Entertainment System (that came with Mario of course), we went to Toys R Us and decided, after one damn hour, to buy Life Force instead of any other game there was (and believe me, there was a lot of good games back then!). My best friend had Gradius and we wanted a similar but two player game.

I remember that we were pretty disappointed at first, but the excitment builded after a while with the fantastic two player mode. This game was a tough one. Never finished it. But damn! are the weapons cool along with good graphics and music!

A lot of similarities with Gradius, but I would suggest Life Force instead of it's younger cousin (it's not Gradius 2, I know, I know) just for the two player mode.

9/10 (just too hard!)

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