Kings Quest V NES Review - Excellent game... for the PC

by Kristoff on Friday, February 14, 2003
Kings Quest V was one of the first games I owned for the PC, and easily the most memorable. The high-colour graphics blew me away and still do, and the involved storyline was fun and exciting. When I found out it was ported to NES, I had to give it a try even though I already finished the original.
As I said, an outstanding adventure game, but the NES conversion brings up a few little problems. First is graphics. This is NES's best attempt at recreating the high-quality, colourful backdrops rather than simple, toony versions, and it does well, but of course ends up a little blotchy. Second, the gameplay is much more suited to using a mouse, and is probably a little too slow and long for the averag gamer. Third, the game can be FRUSTRATING! Often, an item found at the beginning of the game will save you at the very end. Everything must be done just right, or you're toast... at a much later time.
Don't be turned away by the interface, open your mind to a little fantasy and give this game a try!

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