Kings Quest V NES Review - King's Quest V

by BombOmb on Saturday, January 11, 2003
Any fan of King's Quest (or Space Quest for that matter) should buy this game. It's long enough and fun enough to make a decent RPG. The artwork is great, the gameplay is a sinch, and there's so much variety in your environment from an evil forest, to the desert, to climbing huge mountains. You get kidnapped by a killer bird who feeds you to her young, you sneak through an Arabian camp, and find your way through a maze with monsters! I couldn't put this game down, and now that I've beat it it DOES seem pretty short but it was fun figuring out the puzzles regardless. DO NOT search for a walkthgrough, you will have beat the game in a whole lot less time than if you were to figure the puzzles out yourself and your money will be thrown away. There are virtually no flaws in this puzzler which is why the series is still alive (but not as good) today. Buy this game if you enjoy puzzles, I highly recommend it.

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