Kings Quest V NES Review - This is not your typical RPG

by Ironman on Saturday, October 19, 2002
One thing that many RPG's had in common was that they required you to go in gain levels, beat up hoards of monsters, and escape alive. THis RPG takes out the first two and still requires you to get out alive. How, by using your brain. Thats right this is the thinking mans game. YOu have to use the items you find and put them to good use. For Example that pie that you laughed at as the bakers daughter gave it you, will later be used to slay a yeti. But this is not a comedy as it may sound. No indeed this has a very seriouse story about a king whos castle and Family was shrunk and captured by and evil wizard that your bone headed son pissed off. Every item has a purpose in this game and like I said, you have to think to get through this. So you trigger happy rednecks won't like this. But for a true gamer this game is a challenge that you should accept.

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