Golgo 13 NES Review - Golgo 13

by Jdawg on Monday, October 11, 2004
Ok you guys are probably too young to appreciate this game for what it was WHEN IT WAS RELEASED over 15 years ago. Well, ok, even if you were playing NES games back then, you probably never heard of this game either, but let me tell you shouldn't dis this game so easily:

It's easy to compare it to things you've seen in games that have come out maybe 5 years ago, and say ok, Golgo-13 sucks, the gameplay is bad, graphics are primitive, I can't get past the first level, etc. However 15 years ago that intro where the helicopter flies over a city and blows up was the bomb.

Video game intros were in their infancy at that time, and from my recollection Golgo-13's was one of the best at that time.

If you did get past the first level, you would see that there were several gameplay modes incorporated into this game. Although not original, this was a highly unusual feature to have in a video game for the NES at that time. There is the sidescrolling gameplay mode that you saw in level one, but you could also fly a helicopter, a first-person mode (years ahead of its time, years before Wolfenstein/Doom), it was the first game I played that had a sniper mode built into the game. The game had a well developed, mature story line, which was pretty original during that time for a console video game.

There's probably no point in trying to play the game now. There are way better games out there. However, please don't dis a game like this which was highly original for its time and very enjoyable to play during its time. At least don't destroy the cartridge. Sell it or give it back to the video store. one of these days someone like me might pick one up for old times sake.

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