Golgo 13 NES Review - Bond...where are you

by McDick2002 on Monday, August 30, 2004
I was stupid enough to actually purchase the cartridge. For those of you who are too young to remember those are the things you slide in the nes to play games. They didn't have that rom business back then so instead of just erasing this crappy game off my PC I was forced to try to play it. Key word being try. Everything about this game is a miserable failure. The controls, grpahics,interaction with the environment all suck. If you live more than 47 seconds. I give gologo 13 a 1/10. I'd give it a 0 but you can resist the urge to smash this game...for about 47 seconds. I should have pressed charges against the store for highway robbery...If you would like a good reason to kill yourself immerse yourself in this game. Otherwise do something more entertaining like watch the grass grow. Send all hate mail to McDick2002@yahoo.com.Have a nice day!

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