Exodus NES Review - Even God Would Like This Game...

by Ebo on Wednesday, October 2, 2002
I acquired this game when it first came out from my very good friend (and dedicated churchgoer) Duncan. After getting over the obvious subliminal message to read the Bible more and attend church with him, I discovered a very enjoyable puzzle game.
Exodus is a rare cart produced by Wisdom Tree, who are also responsible for some terrible religious NES games. This, fortunately, is not one of them.
As Moses, you go through levels collecting Manna (bread stuff) to meet a Manna quota at the end of each level. You also collect 5 question marks in each level, as well as Bibles. You can't clear the level without all of the question marks and manna. Every ten Bibles you collect nets you another Moses (something about eternal life?...)If this were the whole object of the game, it'd be a piece of cake. But no! Evil sinners lurk throughout each level. How does Moses stop them? HE KILLS THEM WITH THE WORD OF GOD. I'm not kidding; it says this in the instruction manual. Two projectiles from Moses's mouth and you're a goner.
As you go through each level, puzzles arise about how to push rocks on the screen to kill enemies but not squash the valuable Manna. At about level 10, you actually start using BOMBS (you can blow yourself up, though, so be careful)
The levels are nicely varied with puzzles. My favorite is the level where you have to speak the Word of God to the Golden Calves of Sin. I'll leave you to find out what happens.
This is a great puzzle game. The control is fairly good, the puzzles are fun, it is challenging (but not frustratingly so), and the repetitive music is oddly catchy. There are also 5 bonus questions after each level about the Bible, as well as a detailed chronological picture of something that happened in the book of Exodus (plagues of frogs, the angel of death, the burning bush-all graphically outstanding for the NES).
Play control:8

Even if you aren't religious, if you like puzzle games, you'll really like Exodus. ~E.

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