Dragon Warrior II NES Review - Blasphemy!

by Chad on Tuesday, February 5, 2002
I was quite surprised to see no reviews posted for the second best nintendo game of all time...total blasphemy!! So I decided that it was my duty for the sake of good nintendo games to put one up, so here it is. This game took everything that was so great about Dragon Warrior 1 and made it even better; the music, the plot, the graphics, and the overall complexity made this game one of the most enjoyable rpg's and most played classics of my childhood!!! I haven't played the game since I was about 12 years old, but I still remember Moonbroke, the mirror of Ra, Rhone, the eye of Malroth, and fighting basiliks at Beran, images that will stay in my mind and my dreams forever. This game rules!!!

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