Chip 'n Dale NES Review - The Weekend Alternative

by Flashman85 on Monday, May 19, 2003
What a fun way to waste an hour with a good friend! This game isn't long enough to need a password or save feature, but it isn't too short to be written off as a boring little kid's game. Chip N' Dale has three very redeeming qualities that warrant a purchase, if you're into platformers or cartoons or Capcom games:

1. Good learning curve with plenty of opportunities for 1-Ups;
2. You'll probably play it more than once; a 2-Player co-op mode and occasional decisions on what level to tackle next keep it fresher than a lot of other games out there;
3. Not quite dirt-cheap, but pretty close.

The music isn't too bad, either, but you probably won't be humming the tunes in the car or burning a Chip N' Dale music CD. Overall, a fun little game, and definately worth a purchase.

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