Castlevania III NES Review - The last of the trilogy of Castlevania games for the NES, and what a finale!

by Coffin Joe on Friday, May 10, 2002
This, the best of the three Castlevanias released for the NES, as well as for any other system, is technically the first, being that it takes place in the time of Trevor Belmont, the ancestor of Simon! Dracula,King of the Vampires, the Prince of Darkness, has the Transylvanian village of Walakiya, under his evil domain, for the first time. As Trevor, you choose your own path this time, being able to select which route you wish to take to guide yourself through the game. You also get the help, of one of any of the three other characters in the game. Grant, the Acrobat, Sypha, the Sorcerer. and Alucard, Dracula's own son! This is one hell of an adventure, but there is a password system! Thank you KONAMI! The best Castlvania, followed by 2, and then 1. PICK IT UP!!!

-Coffin Joe
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