Castlevania III NES Review - the Belmonts are sent to hell

by TrueGamer on Wednesday, June 14, 2006
A real curse, yeah....

There are two true Castlevania-Games:

1. Castlevania, the classic that started it all (NES). Konami introduced a groovy feel that make you hunt down draculas foes again and again.

2. Simon's Quest - Castlevania II, Simon's second quest in defeating the Count for good.
Again pitched with a spooky feel as it lifts the first part a few steps higher.

[Later on the SNES we got Super Castlevania IV. Don't let the "IV" irritate you, it's true a remake of Simon's first encounter - but a very good one.]

About all the other castlevania games no one have to think about, they are not worth the time.

The third installment travels back in timeline several hundred years befor Simon was born.
And we got a group of people we can choose a second character to travel along with "Trevor" Belmont. I still can not get it that some magazine reds called (and even today call) this guy Simon!

1. The graphics are improved over the first adventure all those beings want us to believe, but i prefer the graphics in Simon's first quest a lot more. In Dracs curse everything is to stuffed to create athmosphere.
Some spots are boring, especially those where water flows.
No the graphics are to lasy done can not give more than 05/10

2. The music. Common, where are all those tunes from Castlevania (1) and II? Right - gone!
Everything sounds plain and boring, no vampire hunter feeling in here. Poor Trevor, huh? 04/10

3. Gameplay. Yeah, we have some more characters and all of them are useful like dogpoo in my shoes profiles. To weak, no good specials. Travel with Trevor alone. A true vampire killer don't need such wimps.
Those newbs kill lot of fun from gameplay. 06/10

4. Difficulty. To unbalanced. In Castlevania i like even today the fact that difficulty increases while reaching later levels. In "Simon's Quest" travelling throughout Transylvania is easy, if you find the way :)
Nut here some levels are a pain in my ass to stand and others are to easy. Some easy follow on some nerving and vise versa. I rate the difficulty down to 03/10, 'cause it is to unbalanced.

What Konami did with the castlevania series while programming dracs curse is painful.
The third installment tries to be more modern in the way it is designed but fails completely in keeping the blood flowing. I like the style of CV I+II, those are darker and the musics are better composed, plus these two games are better programmed in every manner.

For Trevor's unbelievable painful journey i can not give more as.... 4/10!

Now you are with that, and James Brown is dead.

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