Castlevania III NES Review - Now this is what i call a curse, an evil one

by Lord of the Shades on Friday, June 2, 2006
We are back with the typical gameplay of the first castlevania. Walk through several level, take on those bosses and see where to bite the dust.
The well placed rpg elements are gone. Why? Gone with that is that mysterious feel to the game.

We can have four different endings depending on ones personal desicion to take along which character - wow, and therefore we have sometimes to choose between different pathes.
Those characters are lame. Good point with Grant Da'Nasty - i can reach some hard spots to earn extra lives, but attacks are weak, no stamina.
And Sypha is only a bit useful with "her" lightning magic, no stamina, short range.
Alucard is the lamest of all - weak attack and a lame chance to escape enemies while transformed into a bat. The path one has to take on to get this character is cheap as mud can be. Don't fear me, i'm Batman!
We are back to that hellish difficulty again, those "filled with to many pits" places - nasty.
Best thing to do - choose a character for your prefered ending and keep rampaging with Trevor Belmont, the one and only character to play with in this game.

If one is on the move to be a castlevania fan, play Castlevania II - Simon's Quest (NES) and as second choice Super Castlevania IV for SNES, the best remake of Simon's first appearance - difficulty is well balanced.
If one wants to know the root of all Castlevania games, play the first castlevania if you realy have to.
Anything else belonging to this series is either cheap (only playable through cheats), just lame in gameplay (those next generation console titels) or drives away the vampire hunter feel completely (like those lame GBA bits do).

Have a nice evening and enjoy the sun till darkness arives :)

-Lord of the Shades
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