Castlevania III NES Review - Best of the NES Trilogy

by Ironman on Saturday, October 12, 2002
The First was an action game that progressivly got harder and stuck to the rule of thumb, if the level is easy the boss is hard, if the level is hard the boss is easy. Than the second took the RPG route in what proved to be an unusual but addicting classic. Now the third is going back toi it's roots, even further than what might be suspected. Castelvania 3 goes back before the time of Simon, to his Grandfather Trevor in a quest to slay Dracula.

The Story for he third is the same as most Castlevania's, the Belmont sets out to stop Draculas evil. However in this he gets a little help. The first assistant is a pirate known as Grant DyNasty who was cursed for opposing Dracula. The second is Sypha Belonade, a vampire hunter who uses magic and later becomes Trevors wife. The third is none other than Symphony of thenight Bad Ass Alucard, who was revealed recently in the game legends (GBC) to be Trevors Father.

The game starts off like a normal catlevania but as soon as level 1 is beat, you have the option of going to the CLocktower (get Grant) or the Dark woods. Than from then on many times in the game up until the very end you have the choice of where to go, not always, but many times.

The one gripe is that you can only have one spirit with you at a time. It's understandable why but also there are certain moments when it's good to have one spirit.

Overall this is truely a classic in it's own right. For any true NES collector this is a must have.

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