Castle of Dragon NES Review - Can anyone say Game Genie?!

by Balbory on Saturday, September 29, 2001
Ok...What's good about this game? The music and sound effects are good. for the bad. Some of the minor stuff include missing graphics and a very BAD collision design. (I would get hit by NOTHING!!) The other thing is that the game is way TOO HARD!! The first three levels are a breeze, and then you get to the castle. Talk about impossible! You need to fight through four sections of the castle before you can fight the main boss dragon. Some of the enemies are the toughes creatures you will ever face. And with only one life and zero continues...VERY FRUSTRATING! You might be at the last section of the game and you need to jump over one last hole. You miss, fall in, and die. Game over man! Back to the beginning for an all out retry through some very tough bosses. I WANT MY GAME GENIE!!

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