Battletoads vs. Double Dragon NES Review - Not as difficult, but fun none the less

by Ironman on Saturday, October 5, 2002
This is one of those combos that make little sense, yet work just the same. Double Dragon and Battle Toads. Two very seperate entities yet have one thing in common, they kick seriuse ass in the gaming world. Apparently for the plot the Shadow Lord and Dark Queen team up to conquer earth. The BAttle Toads team up with Billy and Jimmy Lee to take them out. From then on it's just like playing Battle Toads all over again.

The Turbo Tunnel does return but is dramatically easier this time around. The most difficult area is actually taking out the ship with you tiny car like thingy (level 4). But beyond that the game is not to incredibly difficult.
(This is a review of the hard to find NES Version)

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