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by Jeff Turner on Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Actually - if you take the time to try and win the pennant with every team you can find out a bunch of things.

Trick Pitch & Pitchers: The unhittable pitch (down & in on right-handed batters) only works for certain pitchers on certain teams.

Trick Pitchers I know of are:
Jersey - Valez
Boston - Gross & Bopper
Philly - Harris
Omaha - Olga & Waters
Kansas - Carter, Ryan and Sako

Problem is you can only do this for 4 to 5 innings before the guy tires out and starts giving up meatballs (Homers).

Best Pitcher in the Game:
Omaha - Rennor, this guy will last 9 innings and after the 5th, just start throwing it over the plate, his "69 MPH" fastball becomes unhittable.

Home Run Hitters & Clutch Hitters:
Jersey - Paste
Philly - Oko
Boston - Norkus
Omaha - Lyonse (I hit 75 HR in 83 games with this guy)
Texas - Replace Marcus with Baker off the bench (I hit 66 HR with Baker in 80 games).

Other Tricks:
Runners at 1st & 3rd - use the opportunity to try and steal second by baiting the computer with the runner at 3rd.

Steal Home: sometimes the catcher will chase you, fire to 3rd but then won't cover home plate.

-Jeff Turner
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