Bandai Golf NES Review - Challenge is "Par for the Course!"

by GhostTiger13 on Sunday, February 3, 2002
I'm not sure why this game got such a low rating; compared to other golf games for NES, this one is stellar! First off, the graphics are decent for the year the game was made. The set-up of the game is fairly simple and the controls are great. The course is pretty challenging and it doesn't get boring easily. The replay value is high because I keep going back to beat my high (or would that be low?) score or my friend's best score. While the music for all the holes is the same, it's not too bad and doesn't really get annoying. But the best part about this game is the intro music; it's so radical! When you turn the game on, just sit there and listen to for awhile, it's wicked!
Obviously, I recommend this game for golf fans or anyone who likes it just a little bit, just try it!

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