Bad Dudes NES Review - Bad Dudes

by lynx561 on Thursday, November 1, 2001
Bad Dudes
"Are you a bad enough dude to save the president?" Yes,Yes the saying is a classic, but what about the game? This was a pretty big arcade game back in the day (even on the cover of the game it says "top arcade hit" go figure...), so of course it got a port onto the NES. The basis of the game is the army hired two guys off the street that looked buff to go and save the president. So you have to go through various places to try and find and save the president. Its one of the more cheesy game plots on the NES.

Graphics: 5
"Those fools thought they could port bad dudes to the Nes, they were wrong Bwahahaha, Bwahahaha!"The graphics are OK. In fact this is one of the most average looking games on the NES. All the sprites are fairly done and there is some flicker but overall the graphics are riding the thin line between sucking and being average. See watch, sucking/average.

Audio: 9
I'm sorry but I love the music in this game. I just love it. Plain and simple. I don't know why I love it, as a matter of fact I can't think of one song right now. But everytime I listen to it, it gives me that tingly feeling down my back. Listen and judge for yourself on this controversial topic. As for the sound effects there the typical stuff for a beat um'up game. Except for the unforgettable battle cry at the end of each level "I'm Bad!"

Gameplay: 5
This game is just another average beat um'up. You do get to pick who you want to be at the beginning either striker or blade but they're both the same. You can do a spin kick and a power punch which are also pretty cheesy looking. I do have to give it originality points for cool bosses. The first boss even got his own game, Karnov. The last boss is way to simple though. He would give shame to the name Bad Dudes, if it had a reputation.

Replay: 4
This game is really easy. To tell you the truth this game is a no brainer (Whoopee, big surprise). My first grade cousin and I always used to have a blast playing it mainly for that reason alone. After you beat it there is absolutely no reason to play through it again.Thus the replay value is low, BAM!

Overall: 5
With a cheesy plot and a great tag line Bad Dudes was destined to be a sure fire hit. But then people saw the amazingly easy last boss and the horrid ending. I wouldn't recommend going out and buying this game anytime soon. But if your looking for a quick fix, go buy Qix. Otherwise only buy this game in desperate measures of a beat um' up.

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