1944 NES Review - 1944 basics

by crazyewok on Saturday, March 3, 2001
Being one of those guys who loved playing 1943 as a kid, I naturally downloaded the ROM. Then I noticed 1944. Was it a sequel of some sorts to 1943? More like an edited version of the same game, but better.

The text for 1944 is mostly in Japanese and is, in fact, an exact copy of 1943. Same plane, same stages, same enemies. Other major differences include:

1. Main special weapon is the duel laser cannon instead of the lightning loop. It fires once for each time you press the A button, so major destruction is possible. ^_^

2. Your P-38 will still perform the old lightning loop that freezes the screen and kills some planes when your energy is down to 0.

3. Your main guns are now turbo powered. Holding down the key works just like a turbo controller would.

All in all, I was slightly disappointed that 1944 wasn't a different game, but the changes put into it make it an upgraded version of an old classic. The added firepower really does make this like the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot (which was in 1944...funny).

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