10 Yard Fight NES Review - 10 yard fight

by Chris Bidwell on Tuesday, March 13, 2001
I'll give Taito credit for a really cool name. Super Pro Football for the Intellivision was a better game. When you receive the kickoff, eight of yr teammates surround you, one in each direction, and follow every move you make. Then as defenders come after you, they freeze the defenders, leaving you open for the tackle. Passing is very difficult, as there is no real play calling, and you have to judge where a receiver is going and throw the ball there. Running is very basic, but never nets you a whole lot of yards. The game moves very slow, and design wise, the game was translated from a vertical screen arcade game, so a large portion of the screen is wasted space. There's a Hardcore band that shares their name with this game, as that is the only thing to take from it.

-Chris Bidwell
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