10 Yard Fight NES Review - A crappy game

by Eric on Friday, January 31, 2003
I bought this game for 10 bucks at K Mart in 1997. At that time, they were resealing and selling old NES games. This one caught my eye, and I took a gamble.

I lost. This was a horrible game, and not even remotely fun to play. The "action" is EXTREMELY slow paced, the players look like little thumb tacks, and there is no real strategy involved. Want to pick out plays? Then this isn't a game for you. They didn't even get the amount of men on the field correct, and there is only 1 reciever who is always in motion. However, for him to get from one side of scrimage to the other takes about 10 minutes. Don't waste your time on this crapper. Get Tecmo Bowl or Tecmo Super Bowl instead.

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