In Other Classic Systems

I was at a garage sale today and I saw a strange console known as Creation. It has tons of games in its memory, and it is compatible with NES and Famicom games. Has anyone seen this console?

looks like a Famiclone to me, but not one that I've ever heard of before.

I hope you picked it up.

Yeah, I got it for $30. The former owner told me that she bought it in Panama and there is another console called Super Creation, which is better than this model.

That's a nice clone.
I'd love to have that, too. The even imitated the NES-look. Usual clones look totally different, but that's cool.

Here is my Famintendo:

The pic won't load, I just get a red cross. Can anyone else see it?

What I usually do when a pic won't load is right-click and open it in a new window, or view image. Once you do that, it's cached, and it will generally show up.

The pic showed up today.

That's a nice piece of piratery.