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I was playing legend of Zelda using nesticle, and I wanted to save my game for. how do you do it? It won't let me. I click save state and it says unable to open c:\windows\desktop\save\Zelda.sta.
I want to save like I was able to do on the old nes game.

Well, I haven't really used Nesticle. Have you moved the folder containing the emulator? Also, what operating system are you using? I'll see what I can find out...

if you just want to save like you did in the old NES game you should just be able to use the feature in the game. Just save at a game over, and load from within the game rather than the emulator.

I couldn't get the last releases of Nesticle to work. One was released for Windows in 97, and the last one was released for DOS in 98! I shall keep trying, though. I wonder if it has trouble on XP? I checked a couple of places already, but it sounds like it should work fine.

Nesticle was a a good emulator for DOS, if you're still running a 486 with windows '95 I suggest it. for anyone running anything more recent go with one of the other emulators out there. FCE Ultra seems to be the most compatible. Nesticle also hasn't been updated in YEARS.

I just tried the Windows version of Nesticle, and it's resolution went wacky! I had to kill my whole system! In doing so, it knocked out my browsers cache! I recommend just getting a new emulator. Try here:

I am curious, though. My son has Window 98 in his room, but no monitor. If I ever find time, I'm going to try and run it on that.

I would think it should run OK on the '98 machine. it's a DOS application, which is why it had problems on XP.

Well, there was a DOS and a Windows program, neither of which will work on this. They were designed so long ago, it's probably no longer upwards-compatible. I almost think that I used it on the old computer before, but didn't use that emulator much. Oh well, sorry we couldn't help out more yasudab.

I did use Nesticle quite frequently a lot of years ago. Time was it was the best thing out there. NES emulation has come a long way in the past few years.