The biggest NES ROM collection I've found on the net!

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I may be new and maybe this was posted before but this site has the largest collection of almost EVERY NES ROM that was created, including alot of Japanese titles!

There are no adverts for webcams, casino's, porn or other, shoot me now crap that usually pops up for days after you have left the page ......nope ... just a simple menu of roms in alaphabeticle order.

Also the best thing of all, NOTHING downloads onto your computer! This site has 100% NO SPYWARE! Finally a good place to download those ROMS!

Yeah, there are a few people on the forums that use that regularly. *raises hand*

It's an excellent place to get good games with no hassle.

Yeah, I've been going to that place for a while. But not to get NES ROMs, of course. I go there for the... er... articles.

Yes, that is my favorite place for collecting NES ROMs. Infact, it is the best site to collect NES ROMs for the classical systems like ATARI.

There is already a link to theoldcomputer from our NES ROM-site topic.

Check out the other sites, too.

I downloaded the whole stuff from the oldcomputer homepage.

Yeah, thats a great site to get any NES ROM you could get. Applauds on who made it.

My site has more NES ROMs than that.

I have 817 US ROMs, 43 World ROMs, and 1188 Japanese ROMs. Absolutely no ads, no popups, no anything. Just an FTP listing. Click on a game and you have it.

I know that. I always go first there when searching for a NES ROM that I don't have already.
Great site, too.
Thanks again.

Do they have Jap NES ROMs too or do you mean th biggest American collection?

My site is complete...

If you need an NES ROM (except for pirates and European games; didn't have enough space), my site has it.

You can get a torrent that has the exact same number of NES ROMs as ZombieHunterX and that way you get them all hassle free. I assume that's where you got them yourself, right?

Anyway, it's a fantastic collection, well organized, and all the files are named properly.

Yeah, that's not my complete NES ROM collection, just the most popular chunks of my 8bit collections.

My entire NES ROM collection is about 25gbs. I can only fit about 15 of it on my computer, and I only have 2gbs of webspace...

I think ZHX's NES ROMs are hassle free. I don't see a problem with them at all. You may be able to torrent the NES ROMs, but I don't see anyone having to install anything in their computer to get them...

I'm not trying to take anything away from ZombieHunterX's site. What I'm saying is, for those who want every NES ROM, a torrent is great because you don't have to right-click and save-as 800 or more times. Also, I think by this point, nearly everyone who has a high-speed connection has a torrent client already installed.

But for those looking for a specific game, or who don't have a high-speed connection, ZombieHunterX's site is fantastic.

Try download managers like ReGet. One click to download 'em all.
If the server is fast it might even beat the torrent.

Hey, that's cool. I'll have to try it out sometime.