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Are they're any hacking editor programs that are really simple to use? I have an idea for a hack of Kid Icarus to replace him with Kratos from God of War and have him throw lightning bolts.

I don't even really need to make the hack if someone else does, I just like the idea.

Any information about hacking NES ROMs would be appreciated though.

Read through some hacking sites like

I don't think there is a software that let's you do hacking so easily. But it shouldn't be that difficult either.
Just google a bit and you'll find lots of tutorials.


NESticle used to let you modify sprites (the ones loaded at the moment) as well as palette colors. I remember you could save the results, but it involved saving the vheader or something (memories are vague), so I dunno if that would have saved the changes to the NES ROM or not

Try Tile Layer Pro, I used it to hack nes Pro Wrestling...changed everyone into Mario charachters so I can have Yoshi bodyslam Luigi,lol. It works good...will look like a screen full of garbage the first time you use it, but look closer. You'll have to weed out the different peices of Kid Icarus and the arrow, pull them up and then change the graphics. You can find the program over at Zophars domain.

Do you still have that hack?

If yes, would you mind sending it to me or offer it for download somewhere? (e.g. hosts stuff for free without registration)

I always wanted to bodyslam Luigi with Yoshi.

Wow...it's somewhere in this mess of CD-R's. If I can find the thing I'll upload it to my yahoo briefcase,promise. The next problem is locating a needle in a haystack.....god, I've gotta get rid of some of this stuff

Oh I know that problem.

I have loads of CD-Rs and DVD+Rs around with lots of stuff on it. And if I search for 1 single file I wouldn't find it.

I decided not to make that hack. I'm lazy and I can't deal with trying to get the pallette right and trying to assemble tiles like a puzzle.