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I'm using FCE Ultra 0.98.12 as my emulator. I have no idea if this is a good one for what I use it for. I'm trying to play Super Mario Bros.. The game looks great and plays well except that eveytime you jump it glitches if you don't keep the button held down until you land. It's really annoying. Does anyone know of a way to fix this, or know another emulator that works well with Super Mario Bros.? Please let me know. This site is awesome.

I have never heard of that happening before. FCEUltra has the best game compatibility that I know of.

How exactly does it "glitch"?

hmmm id highly suggest you try JNES.

That doesn't really sound like a glitch to me. In SMB, you can control how high you jump by holding the button down longer. Also, you may want to make sure you're not using a button you have set to turbo. Another thing I've noticed about my computer, it doesn't like when you have three buttons pressed down at the same time for an emulator. Kind of sucks that way, that's why I use a joypad to emulate anything. Good luck!

Hey, what kind of joypad do you use. Is it one of those NES adapated ones or the ones made for PC.

I was wondering how to set up the start and select button for the PC joypad.

This is the controller I use for emulating. It's not an NES controller, but it works rather well. The one pictured in the banner is actually the one that I have.

NES-Luke would probably be able to help you out with your problem if it's an NES controller.

What I meant by glitch was that the game pauses every time you jump.

When playing SMB, the Control key is B and the Alt key is A. Every time you hit Alt alone, the game pauses, unless you hold the button down until you land. If you hold down the contol key all of the time, it will not pause when jumping, so I've been playing while holding down the Control key the entire time. I'm getting tired of that.

Is there any way to assign the A and B buttons to different keys? I thought I'd try that, or should I just say forget it and get a different emulator?

You could put something HEavy ontop of the Control Key.

No, I'd say stick with that emulator. It sounds like you have the Start button configured the same as your Jump button. You have the same version as I have of that emu.

Go into the 'Config' menu, then click on 'Input...' This will bring up a dialog box entitled 'Input Configuration.' Make sure Port 1 says Gamepad, then click the button next to it that says configure. Now, on the 'Gamepad' dialog box that pops up, click the 'Up' button for 'Virtual Gamepad 1.' Then you push the button that you want to use as your Up control. Click close on that dialog box, then continue to do this with all the rest of your buttons. Try to avoid using keys like Shift... if you press that five times in a row on XP, you enter a mode where you can turn on StickyKeys, and it interrupts your game. I'm not sure if it does that on other operating systems, though.

After assigning all your buttons, click the 'Close' button on each previous dialog box until you're back to the emulation screen. Note also that you must do this BEFORE loading the NES ROM. Any changes in configuration won't take place until you load the next NES ROM (ie you can't change buttons in the middle of play)

I hope this helps you, and happy gaming!

Roth, you are the man. Thank you very much.

I'm new to all this, as this is my first ecksperience with an emulator. People like you are what makes stuff like this fun.

As for the problem, it wasn't that I had 2 assignments for the Alt key, it was just that the Alt key would make the file menu box drop down, pausing the game. I just changed the A and B buttons to Z and X on the keyboard and it works great now.

Thanks again!