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Well, with the non-working NES ROMs, that could be either or. The NES ROMs may be older dumps. I'm not 100% positive, but I think there's certain headers (or something like that) in the NES ROMs themselves that sometimes don't click with the newer emulators. Even between the newer emus such as FCE Ultra and NNnesterj, there are NES ROMs that work on one, and not the other. Weird.

Some emulators use different mappers too. I really have no clue how all of this works, but I think the two things I listed have something to do with all this.

As for what emu I use... FCE Ultra, NNnesterj, JNES, and VirtuaNES. I believe I got them all from

I am using FCE Ultra, worked fine so far. Once a NES ROM did not run, but when I downloaded from another site, it worked well.

I use Nestopia (sometimes FreezeSMS) and didn't have great problems with it.

I use FCE Ultra. I have no idea now where I got it from.

It works great I find. There have been a few NES ROMs that I couldn't get to work but never for games I really wanted to play.

I used to eat sleep and breathe FCEUltra, but the AVI recording feature of nnnNesterJ has me Hooked. I've noticed very few incompatibilities with the emu.

I love FCEUltra... but it appears that its dead now (anyone know this for sure?)

I think I'll try NNNesterJ

Has the emulator really not been updated since 2002? (Zophar says so)


I love FCEUltra... but it appears that its dead now (anyone know this for sure?)

I think I'll try NNNesterJ

Has the emulator really not been updated since 2002? (Zophar says so)

I don't know which version you are using, but recently 0.96 has been released and it has been made open sourece. The former author mentioned that this is the last release of FCE Ultra form him/them. But, because they have provided the source code, others may take on the job of updating it.

I wondered how you got your nice avitar lol Ill have to check that out

I wondered how you got your nice avitar lol Ill have to check that out

I wondered how you got your nice avitar lol Ill have to check that out
Oh don't get me wrong. I'm not a totally uncreative bastard. I used the AVI record to capture frames, but I had animate and lay out everything by hand in ImageReady. My avatar took about 2.5 hours. My sig, combined, took about 3 hours.

I mainly use FCE Ultra. But the save spots are no good, so for games like Just Breed (Thank you for the help ZHX) I use Nessie. Works like a charm, except I like the Game Genie Mode in FCE Ultra better.

I got two, one for NES and the other for SNES.
NES = FCE Ultra
I got them off along with all my NES ROMs (I must have over 85 NES ROMs all together) and ALL work and havent had any problems... *knock on wood* yet.

Nes i use Jnes or VirtuaNes depending on witch games work on witch.

I began with Jnes too, but I changed it to Fceultra. Why I changed it? Well, in the Fceultra emulator I can use the mouse as a zapper. That can come in handy if I'd like to play games such as Duckhunt (DH).

Actually you can use the mouse as a zapper on JNES, as well. All you have to do is click on the Options menu, then click on Input... Next, select the player 2 tab and click the radio button that says Zapper. Voila! You're ready to go hunting with that d*mn annoying dog!

I use NESten. No particular reason. It seems to work well. It was recommended from the site I originally downloaded the "Nintendo World Championship 1990" NES ROM from and I've been using it ever since.

I use Nestopia and it works great.

I first used NESticle, the great emulator. ran great, but after a while, the color pallete changed instantly, which causes me to restart the program. this hampers my chance to get into any game I play on it. & also the sound emulation isn't really 100%(that's how it is), but other than that, it's the best emulator I ever used, thanks to the fact that it doesn't use any CPU POWer. All of my NES ROMs work on it, but a few run glitchy.

Another emulator I use is FCE Ultra, another great emulator. this blew NESticle away, as far as sound emulation, fullscreen support, & everything else; Except, it uses a lot of CPU, & the interface can be frustrating sometimes(some people may know what I'm talking about). Otherwise, it's great, & all of my NES ROMs run great on it.

I got them from:

NESticle-bloodlust software(bloodlust.zophar.net
FCE Ultra-NEShq.com

i use FCEUltra. i love everything about it. i got it from emulator-zone.com

I use NEStron. It works fine for me, but the only prob I have with it is some games don't work, mostly japanese ones but some U.S. ones like Punch-Out. Also, It doesn't like my controller anymore.

I know this may be a bit off-topic, but does anyone know of a good SNES emulator? I have one, but I can't use diagonal directions, making games like Street Fighter 2010 or Mortal Kombat near impossible to play. I currently use SNES9X.

You might give ZSNES a go. See if that does what you need it too.

Haha, ZSNES is basically the Nesticle version of a SNES emulator! I hate the graphic setup, too hard to browse different folders

I use a combination of Nester , NesterJ, and NNnesterJ

JNes usually, but I switch to VirtuaNES when I find a NES ROM using a mapper that JNes doesn't support. Though I prefer to play on the real thing whereever possible.

I use NEStopia for mac, and when I used windows I used FCE Ultra, and sometime's NesterJ.

I use NESticle for all my NES ROMs. I got it at

I use NesterDC for almost all of my emulation now. But im in ottawa right now, so im on my laptop, playin M.C. Kids on FCE Ultra.

I used to use NESticle , then switched to JNES, then after I found that FCE Ultra had FDS support i started using FCE Ultra

Nester, I have found no problems with it. I think I got it from classicgames.com or something like that but I know there is a link to a heap of nes emulatos at in downloads.

i am useing nesterj for my PSP

I use Nestopia, runs 'em fast, has joystick support, emulates the Konami VRC7 mapper, under active development... it's just good.

When I first started getting into Roms and Emulation I used NESticle. Now I use FCE Ultra for my NES ROMs and SNES9x for my SNES ROMs (I used to use ZSNES, but I've had some problems with it working with my computer).

VirtuaNES, at the kind suggestion of Roth. I've had no problems with it, there's just a couple of games it won't work with (and that may be the NES ROM's fault). Unfortunately, one of them is Samurai Pizza Cats. I've never played it, and the title has had me curious for years.

I've never had Samurai Pizza Cats work on any of the emulators I've tried.

Search some sites for a 9-in-1 cart...

Also, if you use Nestopia, you can grab the NES ROM of the Famicom title and repair bytes 8-15 with a hex editor. Just set those all to 00 and it should work. If you need a hex editor, search Google for frhed.

I like to use FCE Ultra.

I also use FCE Ultra. I got mine from Vimm's Lair.

I have FCE Ultra but now I use NnnesterJ because of the AVI.