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Is there any way to play NES ROMs on a Nintendo 64 or SNES or even the NES? I have seen the cartige things you can put into a GBA and play NES ROMs. I was wondering if you can do that with other systems. Thanks

I've seen flash carts for the SNES, but not the NES.

has some, but the costs are pretty high.

I still need to get a flash cart for GBA... or better, a flash card for Nintendo DS with which I can play my SNES ROMs.
Is something of that soret planned perhaps?

Thank for the web page! What about the N64 anything for that?

I came over the GBA flash carts several times, but NEVER heard about a N64 flash cart thing. That doesn't mean it doesn't exost though...

I want to play NES ROMs on my Tv in my living room. Not Hooked up to the computer. I want to load them off a system. I have NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, sega, and jaguar, so I can use any platform. I just want to use the N64 or, SNES if I can because I think it would be cooler.

Dreamcast is good from what I heard. You can fit all the NES Games existing on a disc.

yeah, the DC is great for NES emulation, SNES emulation is a little lacking though...

Realy!? Any one know where I can learn more about that?

I would suggest you do a for NesterDC, it will certainly return more information than I can give you...