how to load up my download

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hi there. im no 2 all of this and i have downloaded Super Mario Bros. 3 but i am uinsure on how to open up the game.. i dont know how to open it up so i can play it. can any1 help me??
cheers Rakoon

have you downloaded a emulator yet?
If not download it.
If you have open the emulator and the go to file open in your emulator to open the file you want (the game).

There are some topics about what emulators are good. Read through them and download the emulator which you think suits you best.
And the enjoy your games.

Make sure you download the emulator and game the proper way. Did you download it through WinZip? Also, just go to the folder you extracted it from, double click the system it's for and look under the "open" or"load" section for your game.