The new Hacked Roms

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People have been discussing some of the new hacked NES ROMs or newly invented NES ROMs compatible with NES an SNES. Can you guies list some of them? I know about the MArio Genisis one and the Adventure of Error. I remember looking for Faxanadu stuff by typing in Faxanadu on the Yahoo search engine, I eneded up looking in aforum where I kid was asking how to hack into the Faxanadu Rom, I forget what he wanted to change though.

There are patches of games where people have made different graphics, storyline and levels of games. These are called .ips files. They can be attached to a ROM to make you're game different. There are programs you can use to attach and detach the files to and from the NES ROMs. There are even some emulators that allow you to do this. A good place to look for these patches and some of the tools is:

There are a ton of .ips files there. Some are better than others. There is a description of what each patch does next to the download. Browse around if you need help getting the files together.

Hope this helps!

Awsome, thanks bro!