why do u use FCE Ultra?

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why do u use FCE Ultra? there are an emulator that works much better, VirtuaNES !!!

I recommend this one to everyone

because as far as I know, FCE Ultra is the only emulator that can play Rad Racer properly.

FCE Ultra isn't my first choice of emulator to use, but it is a pretty good one. It's always nice to have back-ups for certain games that aren't mapped out correctly or at all on certain emulators.

but I haven't done much emulating on PC lately... so I haven't used much of anything in the past year or so, I'm trying to get my cart collection up to par so I have some games to play on the real NES.

Nothing beats playing the actual cartridge. I just like the controller, too, fond memories. Even though I despise doing it, blowing in the cartridge to get it to work just seems like part of it! Anywhere I go to play an NES, I always blow in the cart first. Habit I guess.

I got FCEultra from Nesmaster and it works prefect for me,why bother getting another one, i don't play that much on pc,sometimes when i'm too lazy to get behind my NES but that's it.

Yeah, I agree on that. The main reason I use it is to make or take screenshots in general. Otherwise, I'm playing the real thing.

Yeah,dude i checked the link,looks nice,like it that you added nuff pics to see.

Thanks, dude. The tough part was remembering how to do it all, then drawing it on each board, then writing it! Okay, so it all pretty much sucked to make...

Anyway, I plan on making more, but they will take some time, with school taking a priority, of course.

To lazy to care which is better
so I stay w/ FCE Ultra

I don't use fce ultra, but nestopia. I'm satisfied with that.


nesticle. It was the big one when I started so I keep using it do this day. Even with the bloody hand cursor. Although I have been known to use JNES when I want to keep track of things on my desktop. But I may just give this virtuaNES a try.

I had nesticle on my old PC. The bloody hand was cool.