you people still use nesticle?

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just wondering why they have alot more modern better emus out now. i remember that being like the first. So far jnes is by far the best IMO.

Why always use the newest, best?
I don't use Nesticle any more, but I know it works fine. Why should I install always newer and other programs. It just makes my PC slower.

Thanks for the hint, though.
People who are new to emulation could take that as a hint.

just didnt want you people to miss out . Dont get me wrong nesticle is a good emu . heck ithey probably still are one of the best i havent tried that emu in like 5 or so years

oddly enough, I think that was the last time it was updated nothing has been done on it in a LONG time, although it still gets a lot of credit, since it more or less established emulation as we know it today.

I still keep a copy of Nesticle around because for whatever reason the majority of NES movies are still distributed in the Nesticle format. I don't use it for gaming. I think the interface is tacky and the sound emulation is way off.

My two favorite NES emus are FCEUltra and nnNesterJ. I swap between them, depending on what I need out of the emu at the time.

Where can you get good NES movies? has a ton of cool Nesticle movies.

Thanks for the info.

I will look around zophar's place again. They seem to have everything.

Ditto. I found those two to be my favorite emulators. VirtuaNES is pretty cool... I don't mind JNES, but the way it makes games look turns me off from using it for screenshots... I even tried other color pallets, but that didn't work the way I hoped it would. Definitely what ZombieHunterX said.

I started out with Nesticle... but now that I can find better emulators that don't have the icon of a nutsack... I use NnnesterJ, NesterJ and Nester

I don't care much for the "Newer" emu. I am fine with the one I have now (I thinks its called ultra NES or somthing along those lines)

I use FCE Ultra to. It works fine for me.

Thats what I meant on my last post, I knew it was somthing Ultra, I have the FCE Ultra.

I used to have JNES,but now i use FCE Ultra,works perfect for me,u should try it.

FCE Ultra is the best Nes emulator for Window,i don't like using nesticle coz it's dos base program,u need to push alt-tab to read walkthrough,adding game genie code etc

I could careless, this is all I care about in a EMU -

- Plays all the games
- Has game genie
- Controls are good

I don't think there's a single emulator out there that "plays all the games". I think fceUltra is the closest, but I'm pretty sure there's some more advanced mappers that it still can't do perfectly. Or possibly at all.