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[How do I enter in the game genie code from my computer?

that would depend on the emulator you're using, there's usually a 'cheat' menu, or failing that, a game genie submenu within one of the others in the bar.

I'm using nesticle. Is there a cheat menu on that one? or is there some other way to do it?

I'm quite sure Nesticle has a cheat menu, just look around, or try a different emulator, I don't think Nesticle has been worked on in a long time. I think the current best is FCEUltra or one of it's spin-offs.

but as I said, most have a game genie option, so just look around within the emulator menu options.

I just switched to the VirtualNES. How does the genie option for cheat codes work?

most emulators have fairly decent documentation, try there. I've advised you to do the same thing about as many times as I care to. Not to be rude, but it seems you're not even listening.

i am looking for a nes Popeye NES ROM that can work with the followin code

GSGKXG my copy didn't work; does anyone have a copy of the Popeye NES ROM that can work with the following code?

Check one of the links on this sticky thread that we created:

Good luck!

I posted a pretty complete how-to on Game Genie for nnNesterJ here: