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Does anyone know where I can get some PS2 NES ROMs without having to go through all that voting crap? That stuff really gets annoying! Thanks so much!

that could be a real task... PS2 NES ROMs are going to be HUGE... best thing I can suggest would be a torrent site, or maybe the recently launched Exeem. Although I hear it's got some spyware in it...

I'd advise you to purchase regular official releases of PS2 games.

Tip of Advise: Don't get anything past SNES/Genisis, the companys like Nintendo and Sony or Microsift will bother to go for law suits. Currently Nintendo has bigger thing to worry about then the SNES or NES like the GBA,DS,GCN,Nintendo Revolution supposedly in production on 2007. Thats why it's ok to get the NES ROMs for NES and SNES.

I was debating on whether to reply to this message or not, and after seeing the previous responses I will. Since it is agreed that taking NES ROMs is illegal, the only difference is the revunue coming intot he companies from the product.
For PS2 or any next gen system for that matter you will want to use a bit torrent client. That is how most of them are being distributed.
The files usually will not come in any sort of 'rom' file. Instead you will get either an ISO or a bunch of files. The iso, is as you hopefully know already is a disc image. If you get a bunch of files that are usually sequentially numbered you will need a program like winRar to extract them properly, from there you may either have a bin/cue or iso. Now what you do with them is your call.
You need to install a bit torrent client. if you go to and search bit torrent then you should pull up the most downloaded file and try it. Then you have to find a torrent is one

That is a pretty decent place, and not just for PS2.
The trick when dealing with torrent link places is to navigate with inteligence, watch your clicks.

Yeah I have WinRAR, but I guess i'll download a bit torrent. Thanks

I still advise you to refrain from downloading such things as PS2 game images.
I know that using NES ROMs is as illegal (depends on the country, too ) as PS2 roms.
The thing is, Sony is still making profits from PS2 and might sue anybody who they know is downloading stuff.
For NES, Atari and other old stuff, the companies mostly tolerate it.

That's true, I'll keep that in mind

NES ROMs may be illegal but it's a 1/1,000,000chance that Nintendo WILL sue you. NES has so manything to deal with now: GCN, GameBoySP, Gameboy DS, the creation of the Nintendo Revolution ect . . .

Since it's rare to find a place to Buy a Nintendo or SNES, I doubt Nintendo is really being serious about it. Think about it, Nintendo stopped producing the NES and SNES, since the only systems are left in the hands of the fans, it's their choice of what they should do with the system and if they feel like distributing it, then they can.

I wrote that, too in my post.
Nintendo won't sue anybody because of NES ROMs downloading. On the Contrary they see that their stuff is still appreciated and without the emulation scene the classics series for the GBA would probably not have come out.

yup, besides how would they catch you if a majority of the world knows about Emulation.

The odds that they catch you are very low.
But when you try PS2 DVD images... I wouldn't be too sure. Sometimes they catch people. Sony seems very picky about these days.

They have to be, Nintendo and Microsoft are equally old and experienced in game making atleast. Sony got into the Game making buisness in the late 90's when PS 1 came out.