Playing Snes on your GBA

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There is a way For Change your GBA into SNES console

SNES Advance is a program written for the Gameboy Advance which emulates the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It is coded almost entirely in ARM assembly and is heavily optimized to be as fast as possible; however, some games may run slowly or not at all. This is because of the limitations of the Gameboy Advance and unemulated features respectively
If you want to run SNES Advance on actual hardware (ie a real GBA), you will need to purchase a Flash Cart and a linker (a rewritable GBA cartridge with a PC connection)
this software is great for playing nostalgic SNES Games on your gba

It's OKAY, but it's super early. There is also no audio support, and from the looks of things, there will never be audio support. The GBA just doesn't quite have the guts.

EDIT: OH! Not to mention the obvious: Not enough buttons! Control scheme is confusing.

This is definately interesting, though. I enjoy seeing what lengths different programmers will do to play different games on different systems. I'll have to check up on this regularly... I'd like to see exactly how far they get.

I'll wait until something of that kind is out for the DS or the next Gameboy. Those will have enough POWer to emulate SNES Games.

I agree on that one... I was going to grab some of the SNES Street Fighter 2010 games that were ported to the GBA, but pressing two buttons to medium kick isn't my idea of fun...

Yes, it's bad when there are not enough buttons.
That's why I don't like the Mortal Kombat 3 thing on the NES. Fighting with 2 buttons isn't fun. I prefer the SNES versions where I have 6 buttons.

or a lot of Genesis games, since they had a three, and 6 button controller layout... I remember trying to play Street Fighter 2010 II on that... switching from punches to kicks just makes it agrivating..