What kind of controller do I need?

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What kind of controller do I need to work with my NES Emulator?

Most standard game pads for the PC will work fine. I suggest getting something in the layout of a PS2 style controller. This will allow you to play other systems that you may want to emulate that had controllers with more buttons than the NES.

so this would work good right?

It should. I see no reason why it shouldn't, honestly. Give it a try.

alright then. its only $9.99 w/ $5.99 shipping on ebay and its new in the box with the soft-wear. thanks for your help Roth!

Also i recommend getting a gamepad that somewhat expesive around the 25 dollar- whatever range because i bought a gravis gamepad pro once that has cost 15 bucks and it didnt last long at all. I went through 2 of those and now i have something different.

Don't buy the Logitech Dual Action Gamepad. It retails for $30 CDN and it's garbage. I bought one last night hoping to have better control in my emulators, but it's plagued with driver and calibration issues. The main joystick will not calibrate properly unless you use the old drivers. If you use the old drivers, you can't switch to D-Pad mode for use in games that need a D-Pad.

So you are stuck either dealing with an improperly centered joystick with the new drivers, and being able to use the D-Pad for classic emulation. Or, you can use the old drivers with a properly centered joystick, but then you can't use the D-Pad in classic games. I tried this, but the joystick is horrible for old 2D gaming. I checked the net, and this seems to be a very common problem with the Dual Action Gamepad.

I decided I didn't feel like re-installing drivers every time I switch from playing a NES emulator to an N64 emulator, so the Gamepad is going back to the store. I'll just use the money on a pre-order of Battlefield 2!