Does anybody have a ROM for this game?

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I was wondering if there is a NES ROM for Duke Nukem?

If so was is the link?


I have both N64 NES ROMs (Duke Nukem' 64 and Duke Nukem' - Zero Hour). Are those what you want? If yes, I'll put them on my webspace for you to download.

No thats okay i'am looking for the first duke nukem.
What console is it for?

I think it was for PC. Not to sure

Yeah, it was a PC game, so there is no NES ROM. You may be able to find the original game somewhere though. It's probably ESA protected though, so the abandonware sites are probably useless.

EDIT: I just found this. Give it a try and let me know if it works.

EDIT2: Never mind, it doesn't work.

OK, I started downloading a 600MB torrent with every Duke Nukem game in it. When it's all done I can send you the games.

All the games are in one large ISO, so I can't just put the Duke Nukems at a higher priority to get them right away. So you'll have to wait for the whole thing to finish, sorry.

EDIT: It's a torrent with hundreds of old games. It's not 600MB of Duke Nukem games. Just to clear that up in case I confused anyone.

Thats cool i can wait.....

Ok, I got them. I sent you a PM with the link.