Just got my first emulator

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I just got my first emulator and its an okay thing to have I think. Im not a big fan of the controll set up but, eh, when Im bored its nice to have mario or Spy Hunter at my finger tips. anyways, can anyone tell me what NES ROMs I should download? (by that I mean, what NES ROMs are good and what suck) thanks.

Depends on what kind of games you like and where you get the NES ROMs.

Yup really depends on what games you like really.

You can change the way you control games on emulators. Which emu do you have?

I got the "FCEVLTRA" ...I think. I dont remember. I changed what it says on my desk top. But right now I got Mario Bro. 1 & 3, Super Mario World (the rip game you guys where talkin' about in another post), Spy Hunter, 1942, Top Gun, Star Wars, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Final Fantasy 1, Batman, Zelda, Tetris, and Paperboy. Im gunna get more today.

Its FCE. With a 'U'. And get Contra, you silly fool.

I'll get that. and if you go to the post "Super Mario World....for NES?", its under "Emulators / NES ROMs", then you will see that Super Mario World got con'd into an NES ROM. and its really fun, lol. Im still wierd 'cus I've mainly been playin' Super Mario Bros. 3 since I got it. That or Spy Hunter.

Here's a direct link to a FAQ I wrote for certain emulators. This will tell you how to change the key configuration if you haven't already figured it out.

oh yeah, I figured it out. I got it set up where the Arrows are the D-Pad and A = left alt and B = left ctrl. I like this set up so its all good now.

I would also like to recommended getting a gamepad. Makes playing the games muuuch better and alot better on the hands.

Where can you get one of those? I've looked want to get some off ebay.

i think you can pretty much get them at wal mart i think. Or try ordering one off of amazon.com. Thats how i got mine.

Thank you, my dear fellow.