How to get GameGenie working on nnnesterJ...?

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I was wondering if anyone know how to get GameGenie working in nnnesterJ. I have the GameGenie NES ROM and can load that but can't seem to get any of the cheats working in the games. I think I have the entire process wrong.

Could someone explain the proper way to get cheats working?


Well I actually found the answer after some it is for anyone else who couldn't figure it out!

I am currently using NNNESTERJ 0.23


1. Download the Game Genie Rom (genie.nes) from

NOTE: You can also download the genie.nes from . I dont know if you need to rename the file or not, but I would just to be safe.

2. Create a folder in your NNNesterJ directory called Genie

3. Place the downloaded genie.nes file in this directory.

4. Load NNNesterJ and your desired NES ROM and go to EXT->GameGenie

5. Put in your codes.

6. Enjoy!

NOTE: If for some reason this does not work then view your nnnesterJ.ini using notepad to find out where the genie directory should be. You can also edit the ini to point to the directory you just created.

I did forget to mention to hit SaveClose after entering the codes, but that is actually a given.

Another Note: From testing about six different NES Emulators out there, I found that NNNesterJ and FCE Ultra are the best of the best. If you are using some other Emulator, I strongly suggest you try one of these two!

Nice that you gave us the solution to your problem yourself.

And: Welcome to the forums. I hope you like it here.