Help please?

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does anyone know how to patch? I have a patch for the Japanise game Just Breed. That translates it to English. And I do not understand how to do it.

Perhaps this helps.

I tried that and got a corrupt file ( I think I did it wrong) I have the Japenise version from , and I have the patch made by the whirlpool. But I cannot get it to work. sorry I am not that well computer literate.

Well, it depends on which emulator you have, but the newer one's will let you patch on the right before gameplay.

Right now I can't remember exactly which are which, so you may need to make some changes on what I'm about to post...

JNES - Place the patch in the same directory as the NES ROM. Make sure it's named EXACTLY the same (except of course the file extension), and open up your NES ROM in JNES... if I remember correctly, it will say something like, "IPS detected, attach file?" Just click OK or whatever it is, and you're playing your patch! What's good about this is that you can play the patch, but then you don't have the headache of UNpatching it to play the original game again.

VirtuaNES - Basically the same as the above, except place the .ips file in the "Ips" folder of VirtuaNES (it must have the same name, once again). Click on the Tools menu, then click Auto IPS patch. This will put a check mark next to it. All you have to do now is open the game you want, and it will automatically be patched.

If I remember the others, I'll post them for you. Hopefully you can use one of those in the meantime to play your patch. Hope this helps!

Hey, I uploaded an English patched version of Just Breed for you. Link's in the Have a NES ROM/Take a NES ROM/whatever thread.

Thank you, I played it and it worked beautifully.