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I saw a post the other day about the "Joy of Mame" which I experienced four months ago. Right now I am am building my own Mame cabinet. and it's going very well, it costs a pretty penny but if you know how to pinch the pennies you can keep the costs low. I am using my families old dining room table and ping pong table for the top and back of the cabinet.

I'm making it a simple two player cabinet with no spinner or trackball.
If you have the time and means to build a cabinet I would strongly recommend it. It's a great time. There is computer hardware, software, wood work, wiring, and tons of other stuff involved to keep it interesting.

There's a pic of my Mame cab down below in the "Just joined..." thread. I guess I took the easier route and bought an old cab out of a guys basement for 20 bucks...but still, there's a lot of work involved. There's tons of exterior things I'd like to do to my cab...a new marquee would really nice. The Mr.Do's Castle logo just doesn't do it for me

I would've gone the route of getting an old cabinet, but i'm not that good at hunting them down and at the time there weren't any ebay offers for empty cabinets in my area.

Here's my cabinet thus far, not much, i'm wiring the controls right now so I am pretty excited, I just gotta get the monitor shelf installed and it will start to take a nice shape. (that's the old dining room table as the angled top/back piece )

That's coming along nicely.
It's something I would like to do someday.
Good luck with it

Nice job on the cabinent. If i had the patience for that id make one myself.

Yeah, thats looking really good man. It's cool you decided to go with real arcade controls. I wanted to use an X-Arcade setup but couldn't afford it right now. The SNES Arcade joystick works good though. Maybe someday I'll buy all the stuff from Happs and wire in the real deal.

Wow! That DOES look like it's coming along, man! I think that's some really cool work! I think I'll take the time to make one of those sometime... hopefully I get to it ! Anyway, keep us updated on the progress. It looks REALLY good.

Keep on the good work, that is already looking very cool.

It would be nice if you posted pics on the work-in-progress until it's done.

Yup, wed like to see some updated pics of how your cabinent is going if you want to

I installed the monitor today and built the first player controls.